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Of or pertaining to any administrative organ that has authority to govern a political state.

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Government; Government & politics

The people who have the power to run a country, state, city, or other area. The type of organization and control used by a government is termed as government.

gang stalking

Government; Government & politics

Extensive surveillance that is performed by multiple people on a much smaller group or a single individual. It is normally performed by governments who need to keep constant tabs ...

tony nicklinsons vs. the british court

Government; Government & politics

Paralised Tony Nicklinson's highest wish is to die after suffering of a lock-in-syndrom for 7 years. With the support from his family he went to court earlier this year, and broke ...

kim jong-un and the holy war

Government; Government & politics

The leader of North-Korea, Kim Jong-Un recently gave orders to his troops to be ready for an eventual war against South-Korea and not to let any chance of fighting go by in case ...

confederate system

Government; Government & politics

System of government in which nations or states agree to join together under a central government, to which the nations or states grant certain powers. The United States had a ...

Act of Settlement (1701)

Government; Government & politics

British law asserting the independence of the court system from the monarchy. Along with the British Bill of Rights (1689) and the Petition of Right (1629), this law helped shape ...

African Development Foundation

Government; Government & politics

Independent federal agency which reports directly to the President of the United States. Established by the African Development Foundation Act, it became operational in 1984, and ...