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Machine tools

Tools used to facilitate the working or efficiency of machines.

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hydrogen embrittlement

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

Steel fasteners exposed to hydrogen can fail prematurely at a stress level well below the materials yield strength. Hydrogen embrittlement occurs in fasteners usually as a result ...

stress area

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

The effective cross sectional area of a thread when subjected to a tensile force. It is based upon a diameter which is the mean of the pitch (or effective) and the minor (or root) ...

unified national extra fine (UNEF)

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

UNEF is a Unified thread form with a very fine (small) pitch that are typically used on instruments and parts requiring a fine adjustment.


Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

Pooching is a term sometimes used to describe the effect of the area immediately surrounding a tapped hole being raised up as a result of the tension from the stud. Tapped holes ...

major diameter

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

This is the diameter of an imaginary cylinder parallel with the crests of the thread; in other words it is the distance from crest to crest for an external thread, or root to root ...

class of fit

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

The Class of Fit is a measure of the degree of fit between mating internal and external threads. Three main Classes of Fit are defined for metric screw threads: * Fine: This has ...

high strength friction grip bolts

Machine tools; Nuts & bolts

Sometimes abbreviated to HSFG bolts. Bolts which are of high tensile strength used in conjunction with high strength nuts and hardened steel washers in structural steelwork. The ...