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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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Philosophy; Logic

In logic and metaphysics, contingency designates a modality which is often erroneously described as 'coincidental'. A condition is contingent if and only if it is neither ...

The Priority Principle

Philosophy; Logic

A philosophical theorem that states that causal events precede their effects in a window of time not long before and no time afterwards. Essentially, it is direct cause and ...

consistency principle

Philosophy; Logic

A theorem that states that causal events relate, and are consistent with, their effects. Moreover, effects should be consistent with, and be related to, their causes. Simply, an ...

socratic elenchos

Philosophy; Logic

This is a term for the way that philosopher Socrates would examine coming up with new philosophies, and is covered in his work "Euthyphro." It is characterized by answering ...

cogito ergo sum

Philosophy; Logic

This is Descartes's most famous claim, which translates to "I think, therefore I am." The cogito expresses an identity statement that can also be states as "Thinking here now", or ...

paradox of determinism

Philosophy; Logic

The paradox consists of 3 points: 1. Relations of causal connections (ie: cause leads to effect) is the same as relations of logical implications, or ideas 2. A particular human ...


Philosophy; Logic

The existence of opposition; finding inconsistency between two things.