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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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halo effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

A psychological phenomenon whereby people's perceptions of another individual's attractiveness will influence their perception of other qualities. If you find someone attractive, ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

A state of being - sullen or sulky behavior, experiencing colic, or grumpiness. The original meaning of this word derived from megrim, which means dizziness or migraine.

conditioned reinforcers

Psychology; Behavior analysis

Are stimuli that were not originally reinforcing but have become reinforcers by being paired or associated with other reinforcers.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

A way of behaving that is natural and automatic rather than learned. Animals use instinct to defend territory.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The ability of a living thing to look like another living thing or like its surroundings. Some insects use mimicry as protection against predators.

trash of knowledge

Psychology; Behavior analysis

Man or center or organization who/which in learning well but can't use available or not pruduce benefity by them knowledge.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Russian scientist who was among the first people to study how the repetition of events can affect animal behavior.