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Includes the principles as well as the system of documenting and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results.

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deinococcus radiodurans

Biology; Biotechnology

A species of bacteria capable of surviving 1.5 million rads of gamma radiation (3000 times the lethal radiation dose for humans), surviving long periods of dehydration, and ...


Biology; Biotechnology

The removal of hydrogen atoms from molecules. When those molecules are the components of vegetable oils/fats, a lower content percentage of saturated fats results.


Biology; Biotechnology

A term first used with regard to an electronic device that utilizes biological molecules as the “framework” for other molecules acting as semiconductors and functioning as an ...

agrobacterium tumefaciens

Biology; Biotechnology

A naturally occurring bacterium that is capable of inserting its DNA (genetic information) into plants, resulting in a type of injury to the plant known as crown gall. In 1980, ...


Biology; Biotechnology

An enzyme that degrades (breaks down) chitin. It is one of the pathogenesisrelated proteins produced by certain plants as a disease-fighting response to entry-intoplant of ...


Biology; Biotechnology

Completing a life cycle in one growing season. Tomatoes and sunflowers are annual plants and these plants die at the end of the year.

artificial selection

Biology; Biotechnology

A way of breeding organisms so that certain traits appear from one generation to the next.To produce all sheep with thick, soft wool is possible by this technique.