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Articles of clothing in general; from the most basic of undergarments to outer attire such as shoes or accessories.

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Apparel > Lingerie


Apparel; Lingerie

A sleeveless, loose fitting top or bra with sheer material attatched with lengths varying from just under the breasts to derriere. A babydoll usually comes with a matching ...


Apparel; Lingerie

That portion of the garment which covers the breasts. The upper part of a dress.

body stockings

Apparel; Lingerie

Snug fitting hosiery that offers coverage from the neck or upper body down to the ankles or toes. Traditionally, the bodystocking is a type of leotard, which covers the entire ...


Apparel; Lingerie

The bodysuit is a form of leotard that snaps at the crotch. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with bodystocking, however, is differentiated by its shorter length, which ...


Apparel; Lingerie

Rigid supports sewn vertically into a bustier or corset that help maintain a slim, shapely look about the torso. Originally made from bone (hence the name) but now made of ...


Apparel; Lingerie

Loose fitting under shorts.


Apparel; Lingerie

Women's boyshorts are named so because they resemble men's briefs and traverse down the leg further than traditional women's panties or briefs.