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The science of designing and building structures for habitation.

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Architecture; General architecture

An upright support for a superstructure, such as an arch or bridge.


Architecture; General architecture

Arrow slits in the walls of medieval fortifications, but more strictly applied to the round hole or circle with which the openings terminate. The same term is applied to the small ...


Architecture; General architecture

Articulation is the manner or method of jointing parts such that each part is clear and distinct in relation to the others, even though joined.


Architecture; General architecture

Barricade of beams and soil used in 15th and 16th century fortifications designed to mount artillery. On board ships the term refers to the woodwork running round the ship above ...


Architecture; General architecture

Barriers which correspond to the modern balustrade or railing, especially the screen dividing the body of a church from the part occupied by the ministers hence chancel. The ...

cross springer

Architecture; General architecture

Block from which the diagonal ribs of a vault spring or start. The top of the springer is known as the skewback.

gauged brickwork

Architecture; General architecture

Brickwork constructed of soft bricks rubbed to achieve a fine smooth finish with narrow joints between courses.