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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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process art

Art history; General art history

Term applied to art in which the process of its making is not hidden but remains a prominent aspect of the completed work so that a part or even the whole of its subject is the ...


Art history; General art history

A printing term applied to all individual impressions made before work on a printing plate or block is completed, in order to check progress of the image. Also referred to as ...


Art history; General art history

Proportion is the relationship of one part of a whole to other parts. In art it has usually meant a preoccupation of artists with finding a mathematical formula for the perfect ...


Art history; General art history

The provenance of a work of art is the history of its ownership. The word comes from the French verb provenir, to come from. Provenance is essential in identifying with certainty ...

Psychedelic Art

Art history; General art history

Generally associated with the 1960s and the mind-expanding drug LSD. There are many earlier examples of artists taking drugs in order to heighten their awareness and enlarge their ...

public art

Art history; General art history

Artwork that is in the public realm, regardless of whether it is situated on public or private property or whether it has been purchased with public or private money. Usually, but ...


Art history; General art history

Movement founded by Edouard Jeanneret (better known as the modern architect Le Corbusier) and Amédée Ozenfant. They set out the theory of Purism in their book Après le Cubisme ...