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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Queer Aesthetics

Art history; General art history

Art of homosexual or lesbian imagery that is based around the issues that evolved out of the gender and identity politics of the 1980s. Although there have been many ...


Art history; General art history

Photograms are photographic prints that do not require the use of a camera and are made by laying objects directly onto photosensitive paper and exposing it to light. The process ...


Art history; General art history

One of the Russian avant-garde movements that proliferated in Moscow and St Petersburg in the years from about 1910-20. It was the invention of Michel Larionov and his partner ...


Art history; General art history

Readymade is the term used by the French artist Marcel Duchamp to describe works of art he made from manufactured objects. His earliest readymades included Bicycle Wheel of 1913, ...


Art history; General art history

Until the nineteenth century Western art was dominated by the academic theory of History painting and High art (see also Grand manner). Then, the development of Naturalism began ...

Réalités Nouvelles

Art history; General art history

The Salon des Réalités Nouvelles (new realities) was an exhibiting society devoted to pure abstract art founded in Paris in 1939 by Sonia Delaunay and others. After the ...

Rebel Art Centre

Art history; General art history

The Rebel Art Centre was a short-lived affair, founded by Wyndham Lewis in London in March 1914 as a meeting place for artists to discuss revolutionary ideas and teach ...