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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Art history; General art history

Blanket term for art that represents some aspect of reality, in a more or less straightforward way. The term seems to have come into use after the rise of modern art and ...


Art history; General art history

An organic solid, usually transparent. 'Natural' resins derive from either plants or insects, whereas 'synthetic' resins (e.g. Alkyd and acrylic) are manufactured industrially. ...


Art history; General art history

Following the ten years of the Commonwealth the monarchy in Britain was restored with the accession in 1660 of Charles II, who immediately appointed Lely as his court painter. ...

return to order

Art history; General art history

From the French retour à l'ordre. A phenomenon of European art in the years following the First World War. The term is said to derive from the book of essays by the artist and ...


Art history; General art history

Light, sensuous, intensely decorative French style developed early eighteenth century following death of Louis XIV and in reaction to the Baroque grandeur of Versailles. Name ...


Art history; General art history

Term in use by 1812 (e.g. By poet Coleridge) to distinguish new forms of art and literature from classical tradition. Romantic art placed new emphasis on human psychology and ...

rural naturalism

Art history; General art history

Paintings of rural life in naturalist manner, but subjects tend to be sentimentalised, distinguishing such art from more gritty Realist work. In Britain exemplified by Newlyn ...