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The scientific study of planets, stars, black holes, comets and other celestial bodies that make up outer space.

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Astronomy > Cosmology


Astronomy; Cosmology

The scientific study of how the universe began and how it changes. It is a branch of astrology.


Astronomy; Cosmology

The universe, especially when thought of as an orderly and harmoniously whole is termed as cosmos.

brown dwarf

Astronomy; Cosmology

Astronomical object with a mass between the mass of a planet and the mass of a small star. It generates energy electromagnetic radiation by gravitational pressure, but its mass ...

red dwarf

Astronomy; Cosmology

Small (about half the diameter of the Sun) and cold star. Their surface temperature is about 2,000-3,000 K. They are believed to be the most common stars in the Universe, but are ...

white dwarf

Astronomy; Cosmology

A white dwarf is the final stage during the life of relative small mass stars like the Sun, after they have exhausted their nuclear fuel. Most of the outer material is expelled, ...


Astronomy; Cosmology

A process to engineer and transform an inhospitable world into a livable one by affording it a sustainable source of oxygen, water, plant life, and correct air pressure and ...

absortion line

Astronomy; Cosmology

A dark line at a particular wavelength in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that has traversed an absorbing medium (typically a cool, tenuous gas between a hot radiating ...