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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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surge tank

Automotive; Auto parts

An attachment to a pressurized system designed to accommodate pressure changes. The purpose of a surge tank is to neutralize rises and falls in pressure to prevent system ...

access slots

Automotive; Auto parts

Openings in the brake backing plates or brake drums that allow you to reach the Star-wheel adjusters

AC commutator motor

Automotive; Auto parts

An AC motor which has a commutator as an essential part of its construction.

drive shaft

Automotive; Auto parts

Also called propeller shaft. It's a metal rod or tube which runs under the car floor from front to rear.

automatic transmission

Automotive; Auto parts

In this type of transmission, the shifting of gears is done automatically without the driver's intervention.

manual transmission

Automotive; Auto parts

Type of transmission still used on a large majority of European cars and on quite a few U.S. cars, especially of the smaller sizes and loewst prices.


Automotive; Auto parts

The totally or partially enclosed structure which contains, supports and protects the engine, the power transmission system and the chassis, and the vehicle's passengers and ...