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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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automatic transmission

Automotive; Auto parts

In this type of transmission, the shifting of gears is done automatically without the driver's intervention.

manual transmission

Automotive; Auto parts

Type of transmission still used on a large majority of European cars and on quite a few U.S. cars, especially of the smaller sizes and loewst prices.


Automotive; Auto parts

The totally or partially enclosed structure which contains, supports and protects the engine, the power transmission system and the chassis, and the vehicle's passengers and ...


Automotive; Auto parts

A system composed of subsystems comprising, when present the frame, the suspension, the braking devices and the steering.

windshield wipers

Automotive; Auto parts

They serve to keep the windshield clean and clear under all driving conditions (rain, dust, mud, etc.).

power-assisted braking system

Automotive; Auto parts

It uses the action of either compressed air or hydraulic pressure, generated by a compressor or pump driven by the engine.

hand brake

Automotive; Auto parts

It is operated by the driver by means of a lever to hold the car motionless when stopped.