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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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cross coat

Automotive; Automotive paint

Applying paint in a crisscross pattern. Single coat applied in one direction with a second single coat applied at 90 degrees to the first.


Automotive; Automotive paint

A spraying technique that tapers the finish or color so that slight differences cannot be distinguished. Merging one color into another. Tapering the color allows the old ...


Automotive; Automotive paint

The formation of bubbles or pimples on the painted surface caused by moisture or other contamination, by painting before the previous coat has dried thoroughly, or by excessive ...


Automotive; Automotive paint

A gloss film turning flat or a clear lacquer turning white, usually caused by moisture.

body filler

Automotive; Automotive paint

An activated polyester type material used on bare substrate or over primer to fill in dents in damaged auto body parts.


Automotive; Automotive paint

Highly pigmented paint which requires a coating of clear for protection, durability and gloss.


Automotive; Automotive paint

An agent that helps keep pigment suspended in solution.