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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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arcing the spray gun

Automotive; Automotive paint

The action of turning the wrist or elbow at the end of each pass of paint while doing blends or panel repair. This causes a lighter application of paint at each end of the ...

American National Standards Institutes (ANSI)

Automotive; Automotive paint

A privately funded, voluntary membership organization that identifies industrial and public need for national consensus standards and coordinates their development. Many ANSI ...


Automotive; Automotive paint

An electrollic surface treatment for aluminum which builds up an aluminum oxide coating to provide better adhesion.

anionic electro deposition

Automotive; Automotive paint

One of the electro coating (E-coat) methods in which the body is charged positively and the paint negatively. Frequently used OEM primer application.

ambient temperature

Automotive; Automotive paint

Temperature of the air surrounding an object.


Automotive; Automotive paint

Usual or surrounding conditions.

aluminum oxide

Automotive; Automotive paint

Sharp and hard abrasive.