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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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air dry

Automotive; Automotive paint

When paint is capable of drying at room temperature without the need of heating or the addition of a catalyst.

air hose

Automotive; Automotive paint

A rubber, plastic or cloth woven hose used to carry compressed air from it's storage tank or compressor to be used for the operation of air tools (like sanders or spray guns) ...

air line

Automotive; Automotive paint

This term can be used meaning air hose but is mostly used to describe the hard piping that carries the air from the compressor to the regulator/filter where the air is cleaned and ...

acid core

Automotive; Automotive paint

Solder in a tubular wire


Automotive; Automotive paint

Synthetic resin used in a latex coating with good gloss and color retention.

air pressure

Automotive; Automotive paint

The amount that air is compressed, which is typically measured in "pounds per square inch" (PSI) for use in US auto body industry. However, this pressure can also be measured in ...

acrylic urethane

Automotive; Automotive paint

A coating based on urethane chemistry which also includes acrylic chemistry as part of the cross linked polymer backbone.