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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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guide coat

Automotive; Automotive paint

A light coat of contrasting color sprayed on prior to sanding a panel. This this layer of paint is removed while sanding and acts as a guide showing low and high places in the ...

ground coat

Automotive; Automotive paint

1) A special color undercoat which is used with Pearl coat finishes. 2) A special color coat used on single stage in order to achieve a match.

gravity feed gun

Automotive; Automotive paint

A paint gun with the paint reservoir on the top of the gun, which allows the paint to flow into the spray area by gravity.


Automotive; Automotive paint

The shine or reflection from a painted surface.


Automotive; Automotive paint

Material used to fill minor imperfections or improve the surface quality of body filler. Glazing putty was traditionally a single-component acrylic, although today catalyzed ...


Automotive; Automotive paint

A thin coating of zinc that covers iron or steel to prevent rust.

fog coat

Automotive; Automotive paint

A paint coat applied at higher than normal air pressure.