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Dealing with vehicles or machines used in flight or propulsion through the air.

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absolute humidity

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The actual amount of the water vapor in a mixture of air and water.

absolute pressure

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Equal to gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure. Also known as psia.

absolute temperature

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Temperature measured relative to absolute zero. Absolute temperature scales include Kelvin and Rankine.

acceleration due to gravity

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The acceleration of an object caused by gravity. On earth, it is measured as 32.2 feet per second per second (32.2 fps/s).


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The process in which the value of one number is added to the value of another.

Advisory Circulars (AC)

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Issued to inform the aviation public in a systematic way of nonregulatory material. An AC is issued to provide guidance and information in a designated subject area or to show a ...

Aircraft Specifications

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

FAA recordkeeping documents issued for both type-certificated and non-typecertificated products which have been found eligible for U.S. airworthiness certification.