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Dealing with cosmetic surgery, makeup and other attributes to bring out the best of one’s physical appearance.

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Beauty > Breast implant


Beauty; Breast implant

Sagging/drooping of the breast.

breast tissue atrophy

Beauty; Breast implant

Thinning and shrinking of the skin.

chest wall deformity

Beauty; Breast implant

When the chest wall or underlying rib cage appears deformed following removal of the implants and breast tissue.


Beauty; Breast implant

Hole or tear in the shell of the implant that allows for loss of the filler material from the shell.


Beauty; Breast implant

When the implant is placed under and within the breast glands but on top of the chest muscles.


Beauty; Breast implant

Includes non-cosmetic uses such as post-mastectomy, a severe injury to the breast, a birth defect that affects the breast, or a medical condition causing a severe breast ...


Beauty; Breast implant

Silicone is a man-made material that can be found in several forms such as oil, gel, or rubber (elastomer). The exact make-up of silicone will be different depending on its use.