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Dealing with cosmetic surgery, makeup and other attributes to bring out the best of one’s physical appearance.

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Beauty > Breast implant


Beauty; Breast implant

This is replacement of an existing breast implant. Revision is one of three indications (clinical uses) for breast implants.

iatrogenic damage

Beauty; Breast implant

Patient or doctor is not satisfied with the overall look based on the style or size of implant used.


Beauty; Breast implant

Wrinkling of the implant that can be felt or seen through the skin.

adjunct study

Beauty; Breast implant

Clinical study for silicone gel-filled breast implant to address a public health need for reconstruction and revision patients. The status of the implants in an adjunct study is ...


Beauty; Breast implant

Not approved, in general terms. For breast implants, this means not PMA-approved.


Beauty; Breast implant

Hard lumps under the skin around the implant. These can be mistaken for cancer during mammography, resulting in additional surgery, either to biopsy the lumps or to remove the ...


Beauty; Breast implant

Non-cancerous lumps that can form when certain body cells surround foreign material, such as silicone. Like any lump, it should be evaluated to distinguish it from a lump that ...