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Dealing with cosmetic surgery, makeup and other attributes to bring out the best of one’s physical appearance.

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Beauty > Breast implant


Beauty; Breast implant

Partial or complete removal of the breast.


Beauty; Breast implant

Uneven appearance between a woman's breasts in terms of size, shape, or breast level.


Beauty; Breast implant

Bleeding at operative site that causes discoloration and varies in degree and length of time. This is expected following breast implant surgery or breast procedures.


Beauty; Breast implant

Skin breakdown with the implant appearing through the skin.


Beauty; Breast implant

Around the nipple.

premarket approval (PMA)

Beauty; Breast implant

Application for marketing a device. FDA must approve the PMA for the device to be sold on the market in the U. S.

extracapsular rupture

Beauty; Breast implant

Rupture of silicone gel-filled breast implant in which the silicone gel is outside of the fibrous scar capsule that forms around the implant.