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Drinks and liquids for human consumption, also includes the bottling industry for preparation and sale of such drinks.

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blended scotch

Beverages; Distilled liquor

Such a whisky contains a variable proportion of blended malt and grain whiskies, commonly about 40% malt:60% grain. A good quality blend may contain more than 40% malt, a cheap ...

blended whiskey

Beverages; Distilled liquor

Combines straight whiskey with neutral grain spirits. Straight whiskey dominates the blend by 20%, resulting in an 80 proof whiskey.

bock beer

Beverages; Distilled liquor

German beer that is full-bodied, slightly sweet and ususally dark. Heavier, darker, richer and sweeter than either lager beer or ale in that order. About 6% alcohol.

bottled-in-bond whiskey

Beverages; Distilled liquor

Straight whiskey, usually bourbon or rye, produced under government control and supervision. Bonded whiskey must be at least four years old, bottled at 100 proof and produced in ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

An American whiskey named for Bourbon County, Kentucky where the whiskey was first produced in the late 1700’s. All Bourbons are made from the fermented mash of corn, rye and ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A liquor distilled from grapes or other fermented fruit juice. Brandies are aged in oak casks for a variety of periods of time. The finest brandies are Cognacs and Armagnacs.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Brazilian brandy made from sugarcane. It is the primary ingredient in the Caipirinha.