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Dealing with relatively small, usually open, waterbound craft.

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Boat; Yacht

A large rope; May be wire rope or composite-fiber rope. Typically used in the falls rigged in a davit or crane system.


Boat; Yacht

The extension of the ship's side above the level of the weather deck.


Boat; Yacht

An upright wall within the hull of a ship. Particularly a load bearing wall.


Boat; Yacht

A sudden movement in navigation, when the ship, while scudding before the wind, accidentally turns her leeward side to windward, also use to describe the point when water starts ...


Boat; Yacht

A structure above the weather deck, extending the full width of the vessel, which houses a command centre, itself called by association, the bridge.


Boat; Yacht

1. The horizontal member in a sailing vessel's rigging that supports the foot of the sail. 2. A section of a davit or crane that positions the pick-point; articulates under load, ...


Boat; Yacht

From “bol” or “bole”, the round trunk of a tree. A substantial vertical pillar to which lines may be made fast. Generally on the quayside rather than the ship.