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Business management best practices including corporate strategy development, financial management, human resource management, information management, resource planning, marketing and sales.

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Lone Signal

Business administration; Entrepreneurship

A New York based start-up who launched a website through which anyone can submit messages that will be broadcast to a star 17 light years away in the hopes that an alien could ...

standard of living

Business administration; Entrepreneurship

The amount of goods and services people can buy with the money they have. For example workers in other countries may make more money, but prices for products are higher.


Business administration; Entrepreneurship

Tangible products such as computers, food, clothing, cars and appliances,which can be purchased or sold.


Business administration; Entrepreneurship

Intangible products (that can't be held in your hand) like education, healthcare, insurance, recreation and travel.

social entrepreneurs

Business administration; Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs who use business principles to start and manage not-for-profit organizations to address social issues.

social entrepreneurship

Business administration; Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs apply the practices of entrepreneurship to develop innovative solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues. Their approaches combine the practices ...

startup ecosystem

Business administration; Entrepreneurship

A startup ecosystem describes the interaction between people, startups and organizations, which develops a culture and support systems that provide opportunities for new startups ...