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Candy & confectionary

A set of food items that are usually rich in sugar and calories but low in micronutrients. As well as candy (USA), they are also called sweets (UK) and lollies (Australia).

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Candy & confectionary; Caramels

Rolo was launched in 1938 in the UK, using the innovation of coating Mackintosh toffee with chocolate. Rolos are made by moulding the cup of chocolate, filling it with caramel, ...

Baby Ruth

Candy & confectionary; Caramels

A candy bar that is made of chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel, and nougat, though the nougat found in it is more like fudge than is found in many other American candy bars. The ...


Candy & confectionary; Caramels

A rich sweet confection made with sugar and often flavored or combined with fruits or nuts. 2. A piece of such a confection. v. can·died, can·dy·ing, can·dies.

Baby Ruth

Candy & confectionary; Caramels

Baby Ruth is an American candy bar made of peanuts, caramel and chocolate-flavored nougat covered in compound chocolate. It is owned by the Swiss company Nestlé. In 1921, the ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Kraš produces a wide range of candies in different flavours, shapes and colours. Hard and hard filled candy, candy enriched with vitamins, fine functional KIKI and Bronhi toffees ...


Candy & confectionary; Caramels

In addition to bright modern packaging and a whole bunch of new KI-KI clowns, all of old Ki-Ki recipes have been improved.Having no artificial flavours or colours, with addition ...


Candy & confectionary; Caramels

Bronhi Toffees with no artificial flavours or colours, have all the benefits of a functional toffee, and they are especially beneficial for the airways. Now with Bronhi, breathing ...