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The art, trade, or work of building.

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Construction > Building/real property


Construction; Building/real property

Is a rippling or echo effect in which construction or disruption in one system, part or level of a building disturbs others.

Stichting Architecten Research (SAR)

Construction; Building/real property

The SAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1965 to 'stimulate industrialization in housing'. More generally, it sought to study issues surrounding the relationship ...


Construction; Building/real property

Is a term used in Japan to describe the separation of building systems and decisions according to a subsystems approach distinguishing skeleton (including enclosure and most ...

decision bundle

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to the totally of decision under the control of a single party involved in the design, construction or management of building.

decision cluster

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to a set of design, development, construction or other determinations or responsibilities appropriate to a single environmental level or entity. A Support is a decision ...

detachable unit

Construction; Building/real property

Was the term first used to describe infill, that part of a residential multi-family building determined and controlled for the individual dwelling unit and preferably by the ...


Construction; Building/real property

Is a process of organizing technical systems and parties who control them such that a change of one system does not disturb (or only minimally disturbs) others.