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The art, trade, or work of building.

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durable years

Construction; Building/real property

Is a concept associated with a life-cycle accounting approach to building design, construction and management. Each subsystem is assigned an optimum expected length of useful life ...


Construction; Building/real property

Refers to the process or action of installing building infill, or to the physical products used in making habitable space in a base building. It may also modify or describe such ...

fixed plan

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to a dwelling plan arrangement that makes no specific provision for enabling subsequent transformation in response to user preference.

infill system

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to a specific selection of physical parts, having standardized interfaces and organized logistics, that can consequently be organized to suit a wide range of interior ...


Construction; Building/real property

Describes the work of architects and other design and construction professionals. By implication, these professionals are viewed not as creators of environment, but rather as ...


Construction; Building/real property

Describe the interrelated configurations of physical elements and decision clusters that occur within a larger dependency hierarchy. In Open Building terms, the Support ...


Construction; Building/real property

Base building refers to the part of a multi-tenant building that directly serves and affects all tenants. The base building normally includes the building's primary structure; the ...