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The art, trade, or work of building.

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support (support structure)

Construction; Building/real property

Was a term first coined in John Habraken's book Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing. It describes what might now alternatively be referred to as a residential base building, ...


Construction; Building/real property

Broadly describes all or much of the constellation of ideas, principles, methods and technologies associated with the activities growing out of the early work of Habraken and the ...

tartan band grid

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to the 10/20cm two-way band grid first developed by the SAR. It was subsequently adopted as a standard for modular coordination of building interiors throughout ...

thematic design

Construction; Building/real property

Is the design of variety recurring elements on any environmental level according to a set of organizing principles.

Tsukuba Method

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to a Japanese Open Building approach that employs the Two Step Hosing Supply System and established a new system of property ownership and household control similar to a ...


Construction; Building/real property

Refers to the sorting, separation and distribution to appropriate levels and parties of decisions concerning the use and placement of physical systems.

urban tissue

Construction; Building/real property

Refers to the environmental level normally associated with urban design. Tissue comprises coherent neighborhood morphology (open spaces, building) and functions (human ...