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Electronic components

Any basic device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

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liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor cover

Electronic components; LCD Panels

A protective cover designed to prevent the LCD monitor from damage.

Omni-View Plus TM

Electronic components; LCD Panels

A trademark owned by Honeywell and used in display applications featuring high-definition color and wide viewing angle.

light guide plate (LGP)

Electronic components; LCD Panels

Converts a line-shape light source to a uniform plane-shape light source.


Electronic components; LCD Panels

A color space defined by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard with the aim of color matching between applications and hardware devices such as monitors, scanners, printers, and digital ...


Electronic components; LCD Panels

Refers to a type of LCD panel integrating three brand-new LCD display technologies developed exclusively by CMO - Omniview, VisionREAL, and BlastSWITCH - to provide ultra low ...

liquid crystal display (LCD)

Electronic components; LCD Panels

A glass panel display that electronically controls the light passing through it using a liquid crystal medium.