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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Circus

A circus apparatus, a one-wheel bicycle with a small seat or without seat.


Entertainment; Circus

Vaulting is an exciting act involving a mini-trampoline and lots of courage. Performers vault onto a mat and over each other and occasionally some volunteers.

jam face

Entertainment; Circus

A clown term for a first of may beginner clown.


Entertainment; Circus

A performer who is represented in a quite number of circus genres. Most often an acrobat's scope of works includes jumps, balancing, and other kinds of works involving strength ...


Entertainment; Circus

Official schedule, which is displayed behind the vorgang so that performers and other circus staff are advised about the time and sequence of the acts in circus ring, during ...

aerial flight

Entertainment; Circus

A circus act performed at a height under the circus cupola. It is performed above safety net and consists of numerous flights of gymnasts from one trapeze to another or to the ...

animal training

Entertainment; Circus

Animal training for the purpose to provide animal performance before the audience. Although more than 120 years have passed since Wilhelm Hagenbeck created the animal training ...