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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Circus

In the essence this term was used to name a special line of clown who showed himself as a foolish and languid circus hand or equerry, and who filled the interval between the acts ...

back door

Entertainment; Circus

Performer's entrance to the tent.


Entertainment; Circus

Were the Performers park and stay in their Motorhomes and Trailers.


Entertainment; Circus

The area behind the big top where props, animals, and performers are readied for the performance.

bale ringe

Entertainment; Circus

Large steel ring encircling a center pole, on which the tent is attached and hoisted up.


Entertainment; Circus

Low fence running along the circus ring perimeter, with two draw entrances one opposite to the other and opposite to vorgang. The height of barrier was fixed so that a four-year ...


Entertainment; Circus

One of acrobatic feats used in aerial acts. In a number of aerial acts (trapeze, straps, etc. ) blange means an element involving strength, in which an aerial gymnast, while ...