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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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audio coding mode

Entertainment; Video

In general, this is often used to show an audio coding method such as linear PCM, AC-3, or MPEG audio, etc., but in some contexts it refers to the channel constitution in AC-3 ...

audio editing

Entertainment; Video

Portions of the audio material are combined and recorded onto the videotape. Examples include creating a sound track that includes signals such as background music, voice ...

audio follow video (AFV)

Entertainment; Video

Audio selections made simultaneously upon selection of associated video sources (as opposed to audio breakaway).

audio levels

Entertainment; Video

The level of the audio signal in either voltage or current. Audio levels are measured and indicated by mechanical VU-meters or electronic LED bar graph meters. It is important to ...

audio matrix

Entertainment; Video

That portion of the switcher electronics used to switch audio sources. Usually this matrix is controlled by AFV selections on the primary matrix, ABKW selections on an aux audio ...

audio mixer

Entertainment; Video

A component that combines more than one sound input for composite output.