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Issues related to the circumstances or condition of the earth's natural surroundings.

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Biology; Biodiversity

The study of relationships between an individual's ecological role and its form and structural adaptations, is called as ecomorphology.

critical habitat

Biology; Biodiversity

A habitat which is critical for survival and conservation of species and is designated by a rule published in Federal Register.


Biology; Biodiversity

Animal that can live and survive on land as well as in water and are vertebrates, are termed as ambhibians.


Biology; Biodiversity

The organism which is capable of acquiring nourishment from surrounding environments using photosynthesis, is termed as an autotroph.


Environment; Biodiversity

Hurricane is a violent storm with a very strong wind and heavy rain and it begins as a group of smaller thunderstorms over a tropical ocean in summer.

jet stream

Environment; Biodiversity

Earth's largest and fastest scaled winds that are about 30,000 to 35,000 ft. above earth's surface.


Biology; Biodiversity

A change in an animal or plant that helps it live in a perticular environment.Adaptations are the result of evolution.