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Eyeglasses, goggles or other objects worn over the eyes, usually to aid vision or for protective purposes.

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monel metal

Eyewear; Sunglasses

Soda’s choice of frame metal, a nickel alloy that is strong and durable. Monel is easily plated with various finishes, such as gold to give the glass a luxurious metalic finish.


Eyewear; Sunglasses

A filter sandwiched between the front and back surface of the lens which filters out horizontally reflected glare and allows you to see through reflected glare on the surface of ...


Eyewear; Sunglasses

A remarkably strong plastic. It weighs the least and is the most impact-resistant making it a perfect choice for rugged sunglass frames and lenses. The lens will also offer ...

gradient or fade

Eyewear; Sunglasses

A tint that is applied to lenses, making the top portion of the lens darker than the bottom. Many standard soda sunglasses lenses have a gradient, which provides greater clarity ...


Eyewear; Sunglasses

A process by which acetate sunglasses are made, referring to the hand tooling and polishing required to create the high end finished product.


Eyewear; Sunglasses

A synthetic material composed mainly of cellulose, commonly used in sunglasses for it’s greater sensitivity to high temperatures during shaping, while also known for having ...

CR39 lens

Eyewear; Sunglasses

An optical quality plastic made of hard resin, it is considered the best plastic for lenses. It weights half as much as glass and exceeds FDA requirements for impact-resistance by ...