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Pertaining to any garment that is worn on the feet.

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twill fabric

Footwear; Childrens shoes

A woven fabric material characterized by a smooth surface and durable wear

unit bottom

Footwear; Childrens shoes

A single shoe bottom made from a mold of rubber or plastic. It includes the sole, platform heel or wedge.

upper leather

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Any leather used for making shoe uppers. The principal leathers used for shoe uppers are calf, kind, horsehide, goat, sheep, and leathers made from the skin of reptiles. All of ...

vachetta leather

Footwear; Childrens shoes

A type of soft cow leather


Footwear; Childrens shoes

The front center part of a shoe's upper

vegetable tanned

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Leather that has been tanned using a vegetable process, ideal for those with allergies to chromium or other tanning chemicals


Footwear; Childrens shoes

Registered trademark of Velcro Industries BV. Brand hook-and-loop fastners are often used as straps to provide adjustable fits for shoes.