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Of or pertaining to any administrative organ that has authority to govern a political state.

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laissez faire

Government; U.S. Constitution

A French term meaning to let alone. This refers that the government should not get involved with the peoples' lives.


Government; U.S. Constitution

Description of a government that is cruel or unjust.

bill of attainder

Government; U.S. Constitution

A legislative act that authorizes punishment for a person even though he or she was not found guilty by a court of law.

executive agreement

Government; U.S. Constitution

An agreement between the President of the United States and another country that does not require the advice and consent of the Senate.

maintaining election

Government; U.S. Constitution

An election that indicates the existence of a pattern of partisan support.


Government; U.S. Constitution

A Constitutional check the Congress has on the President or other high federal officials. It involves an accusation against that official.

political efficacy

Government; U.S. Constitution

The belief that one can have a forceful and meaningful impact on public affairs.