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Health care

Of or pertaining to the prevention and treatment of illness, and the preservation of physical and mental well-being, through the services provided by medical professionals.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Health care; Diseases

Human wart virus, which causes productive infections in the skin, but has also been linked to cancers of the anus, vulva, vagina and cervix in women, and the anus and penis in ...


Health care; Diseases

Chest pain due to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. The chest pain of angina is typically severe and crushing. There is a feeling just behind the breastbone (the ...

acid reflux

Health care; Diseases

A common condition and an abnormal one in which acid in the stomach rises up into the esophagus. This occurs because the valve separating the contents of the stomach from the ...


Health care; Diseases

Often connotes an illness that is of short duration, rapidly progressive, and in need of urgent care.


Health care; Diseases

The perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep; waking up frequently during the night with ...


Health care; Diseases

Brand name for the sedative hypnotic drug zolpidem used for sleep.

cold sore

Health care; Diseases

A viral infection that appears around the mouth.