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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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Ernst Kaltenbrunner

History; Israeli history

(1903-1946) An Austrian, Kaltenbrunner was the head of the SS in Austria from 1935-38, when Germany formally annexed the country. After the takeover he became undersecretary of ...

Operation Flash

History; Israeli history

An early attempt by General Tresckow and other resisters in Army Group Center to Kill Hitler. One of Treskow's collaborators convinced another staff officer to ferry a package ...

Hermann Göring

History; Israeli history

(1893-1946) An early member of the Nazi party, Goring participated in Hitler's “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich in 1923. After its failure, he went to Sweden, where he lived (for a ...


History; Israeli history

An editor, especially with reference to ancient books such as the Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Sayeret Matkal

History; Israeli history

An elite reconnaissance unit controlled by Israel’s General Staff that has carried out several special operations.


History; Israeli history

An essay by Dr. Judah Leib (Leon) Pinsker, Autoemancipation was published in the aftermath of the pogroms that swept Russia in 1881-82. Published in 1882, it dealt with the causes ...


History; Israeli history

An extermination camp established in late 1941 in the Warthegau region of Western Poland, 47 miles west of Lodz. It was the first camp where mass executions were carried out by ...