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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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History; Medieval

religious ascetics; "Culdee means servant of god." Irish/Scottish preservers of old Gaelic Customs.


History; Medieval

roof so called on account of its likeness to a cup turned over, a small roof in contradistinction to a dome.


History; Medieval

general term for castle walling, inner or outer, enclosing a courtyard. Sited between towers or tower and gatehouse, giving appearance of being hung between, from which 'curtain'.


History; Medieval

later Decorated tracery of flowing pattern.

cushion cap

History; Medieval

an early Norman capital square above and circular beneath; of convex form usually crudely ornamented.


History; Medieval

connecting point formed at the meeting of the arcs in Gothic tracery with or without applied ornament.


History; Medieval

Welsh name for the Welsh language.