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This refers to any item that can be found in your home that is furniture or decor.

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plush carpet

Home furnishings; Carpets

Plush carpets are distinguished by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of perfectly ...


Home furnishings; Carpets

A piece of thick fabric, made in one piece or of lengths joined together, often woven in a pattern of colours, used for covering a floor,stairway, etc.

wall-to-wall carpeting

Home furnishings; Carpets

A carpet designed to cover a floor entirely.


Home furnishings; Carpets

A carpet or rug’s pile surface.


Home furnishings; Carpets

The entanglement of fibers and tufts that results from weight and high traffic.

loop pile 

Home furnishings; Carpets

A carpet style that has a pile surface consisting of uncut loops. May be woven or tufted. Also called "round wire" in woven carpet terminology. Great for high traffic areas.


Home furnishings; Carpets

The basic material that carpet is manufactured from. Over 90% of all carpet made today is manufactured from synthetic fiber, predominantly nylon, but also olefin (polypropylene), ...