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Household appliances

Any device found in the home designed for a specific function, especially electric devices such as toasters or refrigerators.

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beater bar

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A long, rigid bar on a revolving brush roll which pushes carpet away from the roll, creating a rapid beating action. Stiff brushes on a brush roll work similarly.

bare floor switch

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A switch that stops the revolving brush located beneath the vacuum from moving so that bare floors can be cleaned with straight suction.

bagless vacuum

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A type of vacuum that utilizes a dust container or cup as opposed to a dust bag made of paper or other synthetic material. These vacuums eliminate the additional cost of buying ...


Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Tools that can be used with a vacuum cleaner; standard attachments usually consist of crevice tools, dusting brushes, or upholstery tools.


Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Measures the flow of electric current. In vacuums, the term "Amps" describes the amount of electrical current a vacuum uses while operating. It is generally believed that the more ...

air pressure

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

The pressure of atmospheric or compressed air. In terms of vacuums, a unit's suction motor reduces the air pressure in order to create airflow.


Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Measures the amount of air that moves though a vacuum cleaner and is usually expressed in CFMs or Cubic Feet per Minute. This is one of the most important criteria for determining ...