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Household appliances

Any device found in the home designed for a specific function, especially electric devices such as toasters or refrigerators.

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telescopic wand

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A wand design that allows a user to set the wand length to accommodate height; found in vacuum cleaners.

upholstery nozzle

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A type of nozzle used to remove dirt from cushions, curtains, and other fabric-covered furnishings; found in many canister vacuums.

upright vacuum

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

One of the most common styles of vacuums; these are self-contained units with a handle that extends up from the main unit. An upright vacuum cleaner usually has a brush agitator ...

water lift

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Relative to vacuum cleaners, water lift measures the strength of the vacuum produced by the suction motor. Suction gauges are calibrated in terms of "inches of water lift," and ...

acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastics

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

ABS stands for. It is the most commonly used type of plastic for moulding vacuum cleaners and its parts. It is economically good. Light weight, strength, resistance to stains and ...

activated charcoal

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Activated charcoal is usually used to remove substances that are odorous, from the air. The substances are removed by the mechanism called adsorption. Activated charcoal is ...


Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Agitation is the process of moving in a violent and rapid manner. Usually carpets are agitated using brushes.