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Household appliances

Any device found in the home designed for a specific function, especially electric devices such as toasters or refrigerators.

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air flow

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

Air flow is the measurement that refers to the flow of air through the vacuum cleaner. And the unit used for its measurement is cubic feet per minute. Air flow is one of the most ...

air watts

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

This is the specification that was developed to rate the output power of the vacuum cleaner. It is calculated based on the suction with air flow.

brush control

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

This feature is found in some models of vacuum cleaner which enables the user to turn off the revolving brush at a single touch. So, that floor and the delicate surfaces can be ...

bypass cooling

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

It is a special purpose cooling design, which incorporates an additional air flow via the motor to cool it. The main air flow is used only for the purpose of picking up the dust ...

cable length

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

It refers to the length of the cable provided with the vacuum cleaner. The usual length of the cable ranges from 4 metres to 10 metres.

clean air delivery rate (CADR)

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

A certification for air purifiers. Its value depends on how well the air purifier removes the dust particles as the air pass through the purifier’s filter system.

central vacuum

Household appliances; Vacuum cleaners

This is a stationary type of vacuum that is usually mounted in a garage. Since these devices are stationary, they are designed with more powerful motors when compared to the ...