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The Internet is the global telecommunication environment consisting of numerous smaller networks and gateways connecting millions of computers around the world. World-Wide Web is a part of Internet that consists of interlinked hypertext documents comprising global information system.

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Internet; Internet security

Gathering and publicly posting the personal information of an internet user online. The term comes from the word "documents", as in "to post personal documents". Internet users ...


Internet; Internet security

A type of software that transmits personal information to a third party without the user’s knowledge or consent. Spyware seeks to exploit infected computers for commercial gain. ...

CleanBoot disk

Internet; Internet security

Anti-virus software that scans a system and optionally cleans or repairs infected files. It usually comes on a CD and includes its own built-in operating system that loads as ...

Layered service providers (LSPs)

Internet; Internet security

DLLs that use Winsock APIs to insert themselves into the TCP/IP stack. Once in the stack, LSPs can intercept and modify inbound and outbound Internet traffic.

HotFix releases

Internet; Internet security

Also known as patches, these releases include intermediate distribution of software or upgrades that repair specific issues.


Internet; Internet security

A type of spam conveyed via VoIP.

stealth virus

Internet; Internet security

Also know as interrupt interceptor, a type of virus that attempts to avoid detection from anti-virus software. Many stealth viruses intercept disk-access requests, so when an ...