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Articles made from precious metals and often set with gemstones that are worn on the body for personal adornment.

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Jewelry; Beadwork

The hard, smooth, pearly layer on the inside of certain seashells, such as abalones and some oysters.


Jewelry; Beadwork

A smooth, shiny, round growth inside the shell of oysters and some other mollusks. Pearls form as a covering around a grain of sand.

leather cord

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A popular stringing material that requires no finishing. Simply add a pendant or centerpiece, tie a bow and go.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A metal loop that is used to attach a chain or cord to a pendant.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The process in the last stage of metal finishing in which a rotating instrument is dipped in a polishing substance. Increases shine and eliminates flaws.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A round, satin-like cord, often used to show off one large pendant or centerpiece as it's beautiful colors beg to be seen.

aurora borealis (AB)

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The name given for the Northern Lights, this is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface. This effect is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower ...