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Articles made from precious metals and often set with gemstones that are worn on the body for personal adornment.

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diffusion treatment

Fashion; General jewelry

form of heat treatment that adds one or more chemicals to the heating process to change the color of a gemstone. Typically the treatment does not penetrate deep into the stone, so ...


Fashion; General jewelry

he property of a transparent stone to split light into the seven spectral colors, causing the "fire" which is refracted by the internal facets. Diamond has a very high dispersion, ...

double refraction

Fashion; General jewelry

The ability of most gems to split rays of light into two rays.


Fashion; General jewelry

doublet is a gemstone composed of valuable gemstone material in combination with other materials. It is found most often in opal, where an opal doublet contains a slice of opal ...

eye clean

Fashion; General jewelry

efers to a gemstone that appears to have no visible inclusions or imperfections to the naked eye. Compare Loupe Clean.


Fashion; General jewelry

he cut and polished flat plane of a gemstone. There can be dozens of facets on a stone.

fancy cut

Fashion; General jewelry

ometimes used to refer to a gemstone cut in any shape other than the standard round cut, but also used to refer to gemstones that are cut in a shape other than the well known ...