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Kitchen & dining

Of or pertaining to any item found in a kitchen or dining area, or to the preparation, cooking and eating of food in general.

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Kitchen & dining > Cookware


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

In the Indian subcontinent, an earthenware water-jar.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

A large bowl-shaped frying-pan used in esp. Chinese cookery.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

A blunt knife-like implement with a broad flat blade used for stirring, spreading, or spooning powdered or pasty substances.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

A long- handled wooden or metal stick with typically two-sided, used for flatten meat.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

British historical a small metal cooking pot with a long handle, typically having legs.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

A large long- handled spoon with a cup -shaped bowl, used for serving soup or sauce.


Kitchen & dining; Cookware

Guarantee on pots and pans to be used in the oven or on the hob that the cookware will not melt or catch light when heated.