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Of of pertaining to any method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way, whether united in a system specific to a country or region.

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Language; Linguistics

Pertains to the body, especially species-specific physiology and anatomy. Physiology has to do with biological morphology, which is to say body parts and organization, such as ...

emergent grammar

Language; Linguistics

A view of grammar associated with Paul Hopper which adopts the usage-based thesis. According to Hopper, the grammar of a language is not most insightfully conceived as a fixed ...

emergent structure

Language; Linguistics

The conceptual structure which arises in the blended space in an integration network due to the process known as conceptual integration. The structure is emergent or novel as it ...


Language; Linguistics

A view of first language acquisition advocated by Elizabeth Bates , Michael Tomasello and others which stands in direct opposition to nativism. This view holds that when ...

empirical methods in cognitive linguistics (EMCL)

Language; Linguistics

A workshop series that promotes empirical investigation and methods in cognitive linguistics.

encoding idioms

Language; Linguistics

An example of an encoding idiom is wide awake . While idioms of this kind may be understood on first hearing: the adjective wide functions as a degree modifier, and while it is ...

encompassing secondary reference object

Language; Linguistics

A kind of secondary reference object. Provides a means, often determined by invariant aspects of the physical environment, of furnishing the primary reference object with axial ...