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Of of pertaining to any method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way, whether united in a system specific to a country or region.

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blending theory

Language; Linguistics

Developed by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner , blending theory derives from two traditions within cognitive semantics : Conceptual Metaphor Theory and mental spaces theory. ...


Language; Linguistics

One of the schematic categories in the configurational system. Boundedness relates to whether a quantity is understood as having inherent boundaries (bounded) or not (unbounded). ...

building block metaphor

Language; Linguistics

A term coined by Ronald Langacker . Relates to the view, held by scholars in formal linguistics, that the meaning of a complex expression is the result of compositionally adding ...

caused motion construction

Language; Linguistics

One of the verb argument constructions studied by Adele Goldberg in the development of her theory of construction grammar (2). This construction (1) has the syntax (subj (v obj ...


Language; Linguistics

A phenomenon exhibited in a radial category between distinct senses (or lexical concepts ) associated with a given word. Chaining relates to the situation whereby new senses ...

classical category

Language; Linguistics

A category, so called because it is possible to provide necessary and jointly sufficient conditions for determining that an entity belongs to a particular category. Examples of ...

classical theory

Language; Linguistics

The widely accepted account of the way humans categorize that was the prevalent model from the time of Aristotle until the early 1970s. This theory holds that conceptual and ...