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Law enforcement

The collective name for the efforts of enforcing and ensuring observance, obedience to the law.

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high school prostitutes

Law enforcement; Prostituion

5 men were arrested on allegations of forcing high school girls, age 16-18, into becoming prostitutes in Northern Virginia. Justin Strom, the 26 year old leader of the ...

Secret Service prostitution scandal

Law enforcement; Prostituion

An embarrassing sex scandal involving eleven Secret Service personnel in Columbia which overshadowed U.S. President Barack Obama's diplomatic mission to Latin America in April ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

American slang for a (male) person who buys sexual favours from prostitutes, plural form "johns". The term "john" is believed to originate from the first name "John", a name so ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

Slang for a male organizer of prostitution. The female equivalent is referred to as a "madam". The pimp typically collect a portion of the prostitute's earnings in exchange for ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

A (female) organizer of prostitution. A madam typically owns or operates a brothel, an establishment where prostitutes work. The sex workers typically have to pay the madam a ...