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Legal services

The services involving law-related matters such as the issuing of legal opinion,filing and pleading, as well as the issuing and defending of law suits among many others.

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Legal services > ADR & mediation


Legal services; ADR & mediation

A method of settling a dispute without going to court in which a third party facilitates the opposing parties in finding a satisfactory resolution to their disputes.


Legal services; ADR & mediation

Formal decision made by a court, tribunal etc., in resolution of a dispute, used in in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) cases.

alternative dispute resolution

Legal services; ADR & mediation

Dispute resolution bypassing legal action, e.g. through mediation or arbitration. Parties which insist on legal action, not using ADR, may face sanctions from the witnessing ...


Legal services; ADR & mediation

An agreement between the disputing parties (usually involving the handover of money or assets) reached either before or after court action begins.


Legal services; ADR & mediation

Civil disagreement which is not dealt with in court.

to settle (cases)

Legal services; ADR & mediation

to decide (a lawsuit) by mutual agreement of the involved parties without court decision;

out of court settlement

Legal services; ADR & mediation

An agreement between two litigants to settle a matter privately before the Court has rendered its decision.